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    Need Silencer Infomation For Semi-Auto's: Types and mounting Info.....

    After checking with the county and township laws concerning the discharge of a firearms in the area where I live looks like I will be able to put up/in a small personal pistol range (discharge of a rifle of any sort is not allowed where I live). The only problem (I was informed) is the "noise" factor.....If a neighbor or two complains to much about the noise it will cause problems so since silencers are legal now (up to a point anyway...) I was wondering if anyone could reply with some info and tips on types, how they mount, what's involved in modifying a semi-auto to mount a silencer on it, etc.......I have Kimber Super Carry Pro (45 ACP) now for carry purposes.....going to order a Glock 21 Gen 4 for a home defense wife just got her CCW permit so she is planning on getting a small revolver for carry and some sort of semi-auto for home defense.......any help & info would be appreciated......thanks

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    They are suppressors and do exactly that, the noise is suppressed, not silenced and they can be purchased, try Summit Gun Brokers and others may also sell them....JJ

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    if you live in the usa and you havent already done so, read the NFA requirements for your suppressors

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    A large number of states allow silencers but the state rule on purchasing and ownership vary a LOT.
    Like Ted said check your state laws first. Here in Id you can have them but they have to be purchased thru a Licensed dealer I believe.

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