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    Gun ID in Movie: 16 Blocks

    Has anyone else seen the (relatively) new Bruce Willis movie called "16 Blocks"? I watched it last Friday and about 15 minutes or so into the movie, Bruce is driving in NYC traffic (meaning he wasn't moving very fast, if at all) and decides to stop at a liquor store. As he's coming out of the store he has occasion to draw his weapon and fire one shot at a "bad guy" standing next to his vehicle.

    This is where my question comes into play. Bruce fires one shot only and his weapon (which looks very much like a Glock or an XD, I couldn't tell which) jams after just one shot. You can clearly see the stove-piped brass in the chamber, the receiver is stuck in the rear position and Bruce is trying to make everything look "normal". In other words, I don't think the jammed handgun was part of the script at all and Bruce was either totally unaware of this "situation" or, as I said before, he was just trying to "be cool" about it and hope that most of the people that watch the movie wouldn't even have a clue as to what had happened.

    I mean it was totally ridiculous, at least to anyone who is at all familiar with handguns, to continue pointing your obviously jammed weapon as if you could fire off another round if you wanted to. At least he should have cleared the jam first...

    Anyway, the rest of the movie was good and I enjoyed it completely, but was just wondering if anyone else has seen this and if so, what your thoughts were on this particular scene.

    Also, was that a glock or an XD? The camera pans around Bruce after he has fired, so you can easily and plainly see the jammed casing, but I just couldn't quite make out the piece he was shooting. Either way, it has to be embarrassing for the manufacturer.

    Good movie, otherwise.

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    I missed the jam, but like you said, it was a very good movie. I started gettin' a headache after watching Bruce deal with his monstrous hangover. Ouch! I would bet that was a Glock and it was about the size of a G19. I'll see if I can catch the movie again and take a closer look.

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    I'vce seen movies where similiar stuff happens - or the mag runs out yet U hear more shot sounds. The sounds are added later thru Foley effects - so, sometimes it is just bad editing.

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    I believe it was a glock, can't swear to it though.

    I think the most important issue with that scene is the way the directors portrayed his tunnel vision. He was so focused on the threat at hand and didn't realize there were more bad guys shooting at him.

    Something to think about for those of us who carry a defensive sidearm on a daily basis.

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    What I find laughable is in the movies, a semi-auto runs out of bullets, yet it keeps clicking like it's TRYING to fire and the slide is going back and forth instead of going into slide-lock like most do.

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    How about the first Dirty Harry movie. Did I shoot 5 or 6?

    He only shot 4.

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    Galco made the holsters Bruce Willis used in that movie. If I recall correctly, they were for the Glock 26. Bruce actually asked for Galco by name because of his good experiences with Galco in the "Die Hard" (and other) movies.

    Movie/prop pistols often malfunction because the blanks don't have enough juice to cycle the slide. I think the actors just sort of expect it and drive on when it happens. This way they don't have to reshoot the scene. Most viewers never notice, anyway.
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