My Dream Concealed Carry Handgun in 9mm

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      My Dream Concealed Carry Handgun in 9mm

      So, I carry a Kahr PM9, and it is the best carry gun I have found so far.
      Lightweight: 16oz.
      Thin: 0.9in.
      Length: 5.4in.
      Trigger: Metal DAO-Ultra-Smooth, Long Pull, Crisp Break
      Other: Rounded edges for easy holster and snagless draw.
      Recoil: Moderate
      Rounds: 7+1 9mm
      Sights: Tritium NS

      However, at a recent BUG competition, I realized how much time the trigger is costing me and affects my accuracy when shooting fast. Plus, it is different than my competition gun: Cz-75 DA/SA, Manual Safety. (If only I could miniaturize the Cz-75!!!)

      On that point, I also own a Cz 2075 RAMI-P and it is very similar to my Cz, however it has the following specs:
      Weight: 25oz.
      Thin: 1.3in. (A little too fat)
      Length: 6.4in....I would like to keep it 6in or under
      Trigger: Metal DA/SA, short reset, crisp break (with trigger job), manual safety
      Other: Similar trigger to Cz75, but hammer sticks out too far and gouges me when holstered.
      Recoil: Moderate
      Rounds 13+1 with extension, 10+1 without.
      Sights: Phosphorescent White Dot sights

      So, that leads me to dream about my perfect 9mm concealed carry gun. Here are my specs:
      Weight: 18-22oz.
      Thin: <1.1in.
      Length: =<6in.
      Trigger: DA/SA, short reset, crisp break, metal trigger, manual safety
      Other: Smooth edging for snagless concealed draw
      Recoil: Moderate
      Rounds: >10+1
      Sights: Tritium NS

      In my research, it looks like the Taurus Millenium Pro 9mm would fit this list of requirements, but I thought I would ask the forum.

      Are there any other handguns I should consider in my hunt for my perfect concealed carry 9mm handgun?
      And, does anyone have any experience with the Taurus Millenium Pro in 9mm?

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      I don't own the PT111 but I have the PT-24/7 Pro C DS in 9mm which is the big brother of the PT111. It is slightly taller and longer than the PT111. I also have the PT145 which is basically the same as the PT111 but chambered in .45 ACP. Both are smooth shooters and great cc pistols.

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      You might consider a Sig Sauer P239

      It is a dream to shoot -

      I carry it & use it in bug gun competitions

      I changed the Rubber Hogue grips for some old thin Sig grips -

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      kahr's too small for me, the ppq looks hard to beat.

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