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    Can someone help with finding a new pistol?

    I very much enjoy shooting my neighbors Beretta 92FS 9mm -- have done so on and off for the past year. In the last week I have tested the Glock 19 9mm and felt it may be a bit too light for my tastes. and late last month i tested another friends Ruger SR9 -- wasnt quite the right feel either.

    I am looking to make my first gun purchase -- and while the Beretta 92FS would be an option -- I was just wondering if there may be a few others that i can try and shoot before my purchase.

    Based on the like and two dislikes listed above -- can anyone make suggestions as to which gun(s) that i should add to my list to shoot....clearly i cant try them all, so the more narrow my scope the better. hopefully you well educated people can offer help, thanks!

    I am looking for a semi-auto pistol in 9mm that will mostly be used for self defence and ofcourse for practice at the range.

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    beretta fan here and the 92 is an awesome gun..... i own a taurus pt92 and a pt 100 keeping in the beretta style you are familiar with

    i carry a sig p6..... nice midsize metal frame auto

    the 1911, classic and metal framed goodness.

    i dont care for the polyguns, just my preference and i am a big guy so carrying concealed with a full sized combat auto isnt an issue either.... good luck in your search.

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    Only you can find the right pistol. If a Glock feels too light, the sr9 doesn't feel right, you got many more to go. If you like heavier all metal pistols there's; Sig, H&K, CZ's, Stoeger Cougar, Taurus 92, etc...... and 1911's. I can assure you can't go wrong w/a Beretta 92. It seems you're looking at quality firearms so there's no problem there. You may want to check out Beretta's PX4 Storms as well. I have a 19 year old 92 and 2 Storms and they are all great reliable and accurate pistols.

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    Try a Sig P229 or a Sig SP2022 in the caliber of your choice, I too tried the striker fired pistols and found I liked the hammer fired SA/DA ones much better....JJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by chessail77 View Post
    Try a Sig P229 or a Sig SP2022 in the caliber of your choice, I too tried the striker fired pistols and found I liked the hammer fired SA/DA ones much better....JJ
    Is the P229 an all steel pistol?
    i worry the SP2022 may be a bit too light in relation to the 92FS -- though i could be you have any experience with this gun?


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    I am also a fan of the 9mm caliber, and prefer a semi-automatic. Given that you didn't take to the Glock or the SR9, I'm assuming that the striker-fire formatted pistol is less to your liking / tastes.

    With that in mind, a couple of other 9mm guns I'd recommend you look into are the Browning HiPower and the CZ-75B (or derivative models thereof). Like the Beretta 92FS and the Glock 19, both of these guns are classic designs that are often emulated by other manufacturers. They both have excellent and well-documented track records of reliablity, accuracy, and use in the military and police. And, like the Beretta 92FS, they both have double stack magazines.

    Also, you might want to look into a full size 1911 format in the 9mm caliber. I have a Rock Island, which has been quite reliable, but is generally considered on the low end of the quality and cost scale. Springfield and other manufacturers make quality 1911s in the 9mm format as well.

    For what my opinion is worth, my first gun was a Glock 19 which I like very much. Although I have no regrets about the Glock... sometimes I think I would be happier with a CZ-75B. I find it to be a very comfortable, well balanced, and accurate shooter.

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    You might like the Smith & Wesson M&P. It has interchangeable back straps to fit your hand. They are very well made and shoot great.

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    Sig P226 & P229 are very good guns.

    S&W M&P excellent

    CZ's 75B and 85 Combat

    Beretta 92 & Beretta PX4 Storm.

    All very good shooting guns IMHO

    Good luck in your search ... let us know what you find.

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