Glock 17, 19, 27, and 30sf Range Report w/ 500benz

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      Glock 17, 19, 27, and 30sf Range Report w/ 500benz

      Me and 500benz went to the range with a friend of mine today. It wasn't cold at all for it being winter in Iowa so it was a great day to shoot.

      This would be the first time I would shoot my brand new Glock 27 .40 and the used Glock 30sf .45 ACP.
      All i have to say after shooting these two guns is WOW!

      The Glock 27... I had read so many reviews saying it hurts your hand, its too snappy, recoils out of your hand, etc. None of this is true. While i found it to be relatively snappy (a .357 revolver I shot acouple years ago was much worse), I had no problems keeping a grip and maintaining accuracy. What a powerful pistol, and I will be excited to CCW this weapon.. NO JAMS, 100 rounds through it

      The Glock 30sf... WHOA! This gun is cool. I mean why did I have 3x 9mms? The .45 ACP round is so smooth. To me the recoil is equal to a 9mm. I felt literally NO RECOIL WHATSOEVER! We had 1 jam and it was the round my buddy fired off (not 500benz). He limp wristed abit and I think he may have gripped the clip extension which messes up your gun cycling... So to me this was a shooter error. Every time me or my brother fired the weapon it went off.

      The Glock 17 and 19 still no jams, whats there to say about these guns. My buddy shot an XDm .40 3.8 inch barrel. Pretty cool gun, higher bore axis so I didn't like it as much as the glock but it was cool. 1 jam on that gun

      I am very satisfied that I went all Glock with different calibers... AMAZING range day.

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      Note: Our buddy doesn't shoot glocks on the regular, and he said he kinda limp wristed the gun (since hes used to his XD)

      Also, his gun did jam, but he was shooting that cheap chinese ammo made of steel. I guess XD's don't like steel like glocks, which is
      why we don't shoot steel outta the glocks.

      Shot 2000+ rounds total outta my previously owned LE glock 19. Not one jam yet.

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