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    380 CCW Pocket Pistols

    I've recently garnered a curiosity in the 380 caliber and some of the pocket-sized CCW pistols. Ultimately, I need to visit my range and see what they have to rent to actually see how they shoot and feel.

    I'd like to get some feedback / reaction to my initial impressions...

    - My interest is in the larger (non-mouse) 380s such as the Bersas and (if I want to spend double the money) the Walther PPK/S. Are Walther's worth the extra $$$? I don't want to go super small (such as LCPs), and if I go any larger then I might as well stick with my Glock 19 -- but that feels too big to carry for some situations. I understand they are double/single action. How are the triggers? The reliability? What do you guys think of these?

    - The 380 caliber is a short 9mm (same diameter). Is it a significant compromise from 9mm in terms of knock down?

    - I've heard the recoil on 380 is much less than 9mm -- which I suspect will help maintain sight alignment and aim. Is this true?

    Thoughts and experiences appreciated...


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    the bersa is a fine entry level gun for the money..... if you are thinking walther ppk/s, make sure you stay away from the interarms versions, stick to the german or s&w licensed gun (poor quality from interarms)

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    The Bersa is an excellent choice

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