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    It was my first attempt so I did not turn on the timer I just tried to get the technique and get six in the circles. I will get a buddy out with me on Saturday and we will do it with the timer. I had the hardest time getting shot #1 into the top circle consistantly.


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    Print on 8.5"x14" Legal paper. Has the breakdown on times and stuff right on it. (Thanks Todd Green)

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    Man, this steel cased ammo debate never ends. I really don't think there is a "one answer fits all" for this one. It comes down to personal preference, money, and how often one shoots I guess. I shoot the stuff sometimes, but usually only when I am going to shoot where either the brass would be hard to find/pickup or when the spent casings are landing in deeper snow and I don't want to go digging. I wish the "gun gods" would publish something official on this, then even I would know for sure if steel casings screw up the gun.

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    Well, then try this: Caseless Technology

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    ^^ Crazy stuff, sounds pretty awesome in some ways. Although I'm skeptical about the higher velocities aspect, with current technology we have no problems increasing chamber pressure, the issue is reliably containing that pressure. Combustable casings, sounds so crazy, and yet seems to make alot of sense. If my 8 cycles of operation becomes 7 thats gonna flip my world for awhile, lol. Feeding, Chambering, Locking, Firing, Unlocking, Cocking... hell, it's electronic, is there even a cocking anymore? 6 cycles of op? mind screw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
    They also can create a lot more wear on your extractor over time, causing it to break.
    This is my understanding from my gun smith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhurdan View Post
    ...... If you break an extractor, realize that it is a consumable part and is intended to be replaced. That's why you can remove them from the gun.

    ....... I can't count how many times I've had the conversation with people about consumable parts... aka springs/extractors/magazines/firing pins/etc. and when asked if they've ever done a full maintenance on their gun... the answer is almost always no. .......

    i have never seen it put better..... guns are put thru incredible stresses and parts wear.... they have a lifespan..... they are consumable ..... frames and slides last the longest.... barrels can be shot out... the rest is gonna need attention if you really really use your gun.....

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