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    Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
    They also can create a lot more wear on your extractor over time, causing it to break.
    This is my understanding from my gun smith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhurdan View Post
    ...... If you break an extractor, realize that it is a consumable part and is intended to be replaced. That's why you can remove them from the gun.

    ....... I can't count how many times I've had the conversation with people about consumable parts... aka springs/extractors/magazines/firing pins/etc. and when asked if they've ever done a full maintenance on their gun... the answer is almost always no. .......

    i have never seen it put better..... guns are put thru incredible stresses and parts wear.... they have a lifespan..... they are consumable ..... frames and slides last the longest.... barrels can be shot out... the rest is gonna need attention if you really really use your gun.....

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