Need a Quick Opinion... Please !!

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      Need a Quick Opinion... Please !!

      Good Afternoon All,

      I have a situation that I hope someone may be able to assist me with.

      I feel like a real "newbie" at this. I would like to get back into target shooting. For a no. of reasons, I have not shot a handgun in probably 30 some yrs, much less picked up a handgun.

      I am looking to purchase a Glock Mod 19 GEN4. A friend of mine has one and I love it. I have a Thompson 1911-1A .45 ACP pistol (1981) brand new still in the box, wrappings and all paperwork.

      I went to a local Gun Show in my area yesterday. I met a gun shop owner(local) and showed him this pistol. [He is supposedly a "premium Glock dealer" (??)] Anyway, he is interested in my pistol and asked how much I was asking for it. I then asked him "how much cash AND this pistol for a Glock Mod 19 GEN4 ??". He thought a moment and said "$150.00 cash & this pistol ....". I hesitated just for a second said it's a "deal".
      Since the show was closing for the day, he said stop by my shop on Monday & bring the pistol and the cash and we can start the paper work for you 3-day waiting period and you can pick up the new pistol on Thursday.

      My question to everyone is this a Good Fair or Bad DEAL ?? Did I get taken in this deal ??

      Any comments, opinions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance, johnwayne7676

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      It's a bad deal.
      To make the trade completely equitable, he should be giving you cash and a Glock for your pistol.
      Of course, he can't make a profit that way, so he is being businesslike and reasonably ethical.

      In truth, the 1911 is the better target pistol, particularly as a "learner." In my personal opinion, it's much easier to shoot well than the Glock will be.
      As a concealed-carry pistol, however, the Glock might be the better choice.

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      Keep the Thompson and get the Glock. JMHO

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      If you take that deal he should at least take you to dinner and buy you flowers first!

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      I'd call Buds gun shop and see what they would offer you for a trade. Or see what they would offer you for the 1911 without the trade first. The question is how much is your pistol worth and who is willing to give it to you. G19Gen4 can be had for 550.00 or less. So the dealer is offering you $450.00 for your gun.

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      Quote Originally Posted by johnwayne7676 View Post
      Good Afternoon All,
      I have a situation that I hope someone may be able to assist me with. . .

      My question to everyone is this a Good Fair or Bad DEAL ?? Did I get taken in this deal ?? . . .
      Short answer. YES !

      Long Answer:
      You should ALWAYS separate selling a gun from buying a gun. Unless you want the new one badly enough to pay extra.

      For exactly the same reason trading in your old car as part of "the deal" when buying a new one is BAD.
      There is nothing wrong with this if you are more knowledgeable and smarter than the salesman and his sales manager
      and they are TOTALLY desperate to clear a "floor plan loan" on "your" new car at the end of the month, which is tomorrow.
      And the salesman is going to lose his house if he doesn't get his commisson from your sale by tomorrow. Otherwise, you are "the mark".

      The above situation may have possibly occurred sometime in U.S. history. However, I have never seen or heard of this actually occurring.

      Local gun shop dealers are exactly the same as car dealers.
      They LOVE to make a profit on the gun/vehicle arriving IN, and a profit on the gun/vehicle going OUT.

      This is not crooked. Just a good way to stay solvent in a tough and VERY competitive business. Remember P.T. Barnum.
      "Never give a sucker an even break."
      "The noblest art is that of making others happy"
      His unspoken "corollary" is "making others happy" while screwing them out of their money.

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