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    Wink Bersa Thunder 9 mm question

    Does anyone know if the Bersa 9 mm UC; which their web page says weighs, 23.5 oz, IS that the weight of the JUST the gun, or the weight of the gun with empty clip.; or with a full clip?

    Unfortunately they don't give as much info as some others. Sig Sauer tells you the weight of the empty gun, and the weight of the clip, which makes a big difference. I think Kel Tec does also. This is very useful info, I wish they would all get together and give this info.

    But I can't afford a Sig Sauer, anyhow; Now, I could get a Kel Tec, but I like the Bersa.

    What todo? What to do?

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    I picked one up at a show to dry fire it...I would say that is the weight with the clip without ammo.
    But I wouldn't let 2-3oz of weight be a decision-maker. Holding a gun is the only real way to find out if its going to work for you.

    Good Luck and Be safe.

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    your right most manufacturers give you the weight of the gun and the mag separate. i don't think any of them give the weight with a loaded mag because bullet weights vary. i bought a small postal scale just for that purpose. i just weighed my ruger sr9c mag loaded with 10, 115 grain rounds and it was 6.7 oz s0 your probably looking at a 30 some odd 0z gun fully loaded. another thing i find is the weights listed by manufacturers are not always exact. my smith revolvers and my sig autos are what the catalog says but my ruger and glocks are usually a little lighter. my carry gun is a glock 27 loaded with ten 180 grain weighs in at 27.2 oz hope this helps!

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