A Tail Of 3 Guns
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    A Tail Of 3 Guns

    I'm a gun trader by nature. I will buy a gun and find something I like better so, I trade for it. A few months ago I bought a 22 rifle for $100 and then found a guy with a Taurus 605 in stainless who wanted to do some trading. Gave him my 22 rifle and $75 for the 605. Found a Glock 19 Gen 2 (with less than 1000 rounds thru it) for $300 and traded the 605 for it. Put $40 in the Glock for an extended mag/slide release and an extra mag.Traded the Glock for a XD-9 (lnib, 8 months old) with all accessories. I then had the chance to shoot a Ruger SR9 (which I had fell in love with when they first came out) and really liked it. Today, I finally went and bought a IWB holster for the "like new" Ruger SR9c (stainless) which I traded the XD-9 for.I've had people tell me, "your crazy for getting rid of the Glock" or "why would you trade a XD-9 for a Ruger"? Yes, the Ruger is probably worth less money but it comes down to the fact that, It's as accurate as all the others, it carries better than the others, I only have a total of $215 (+ $30 holster)in it, and I feel comfortable carrying it. I can't say I'm a lover of Glocks,Springfields, Rugers, or any other manufacturer, I will say, I carry what suites me best at the time.

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    Looks to me like you traded for a better gun each time. IMHO

    Now trade for some Sig Sauers or Kimbers or Beretta's and see if you like any of them

    I'm almost as bad as you.

    No worse - I keep them and rarely trade them off.

    So you smarter than me .

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