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Gunshop owners are not experts in gun laws. If you want an accurate answer to your questions you need to look up the specific laws of the states you're talking about being in or pay a lawyer. Don't trust the internet for accuracy. Seems to me a great deal of people are more worried about someone thinking you are carrying than actually trying to find the right gun for themselves. I can only relate to the laws in Texas but if your gun "prints" a little under your shirt or it even accidently gets exposed, it is NOT against the law. You will get in trouble if you expose or brandish your firearm on purpose. I've been carrying 18 years and surely must have "printed" and been seen one time or another. Nothing happens. I'm with Steve, carry the biggest gun you can for accuracy (longer sight radius, more power, probably more
rounds, etc.). Accuracy is the prime factor regardless of caliber. Just my two bits. I personally carry a small (3") 1911 in .45 ACP.

Nor are they all experts on firearms. I wish more would realize this. They are no different than a car salesman. There are some that are knowledgeable in their craft, but still far from an expert.

I've actually had more steer me wrong, than steer me right. For the most part, it's usually personal opinion.