New Taurus PT145 Owner Needs Advice

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      New Taurus PT145 Owner Needs Advice

      I recently purchased a used PT145 and on the initial time I shot it I experienced at least 12 or more failures in the 139 rounds fired. Almost all where failures to feed that had not even started to move the round forward, the slide was in the rearward position. On a few of the failures the slide closed all the way on an empty chamber with rounds still in the mag. The salesman who is also an armorer roughly guessed from the wear on the internal parts that the gun had been fired between 150-200 times before I shot it.
      I called Taurus and they said I could either send them the gun and mags or just the mags and they will exchange the mags for me.
      Also the salesman/armorer said he could test shoot it for me and try to determine and fix the problem for free.
      Should I;
      1.Send gun and mags to Taurus?
      2.Send only the mags to Taurus?
      3.Let the salesman/armorer try and fix it?
      4.Any other suggestions?

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

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      First Choice: Trade the Taurus in on a more reliable pistol. Taurus seems to have inconsistent quality control, so some samples of a particular gun will work perfectly, while others will never work well.
      Second Choice: Send the gun to Taurus with a written statement that you will not accept the pistol until it works reliably 100% of the time. When you get it back, immediately check it for reliable function, and then send it back to Taurus again if it falters even once.
      Third (and Worst) Choice: Let the salesman's armorer fix it, with the written provision that you will not accept it back unless it is made 100% reliable, and that the work is to be done at the seller's expense.

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      Have a certified instructor shoot it and see what happens. If no problems, have them watch you when you shoot it. A lot of people end up engaging the slide lock while firing and do not realize it. Others do not fully seat the mag in the mag well or hit the mag release during recoil. Others will unknowingly interfere with the slide. If it is used, there may be a problem. If there is a problem, the magazines may be the problem or part of the problem. If you send it in, you will not see it for some time. It is your decision.

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