I'm going to throw my hat in the ring here and suggest the S&W model 22A. After shooting a couple of thousand rounds through my 226 9mm I wanted something cheaper to shoot. I was considering buying the .22LR conversion for the 226 but that was $300. I looked at a few different models and decided I didn't like the Ruger .22's at all. Felt really small in my hands, didn't point well etc. Also read about how hard they are to service and ruled them out.

The next time I was at the range I checked out what they had in the case and found a brand new 22A for $280 but it looked cheap with the half gray trigger and guard and the rest of the gun in black. Right next to it was a used 22A in two tone black and stainless. Looked really sharp and they were asking $150. It was dirty but didn't look bad for $150.. It felt really good in my hands so I gave them a deposit and asked them to hold it over night while I looked into the model. I rushed home and spent about 8 hrs reading every review and watching every video I could find and to be honest the reviews were mixed. Some loved it while others hated it and called it crap. I decided that for $150 I would take a chance. The next morning I went back to the shop and bought it. I picked it up a couple days later and put about 200 rounds of Federal HP bulk through it. I had no Fail to fires but I did have 5 fail to feed's. Being my first .22 I wasn't sure what to expect and was beginging to think the bad reviews were right.

I took the gun home and opened it up to find it looked like it had never been cleaned or someone had no clue what they were doing. I cleaned the gun top to bottom and took it back to the range. Another 200 rounds and the only issue was one fail to feed. I've since run about a 1000 rounds through it myself and taken some female friends to the range and they love the .22. All told we've put about 2000 rounds through it and it keeps getting better. Once clean the gun was good for 250-300 rounds before it starts the fail to feeds. When this starts you know it's time.

The last time I cleaned it I used something called frog lube. I'd never heard of it but everyone I talked to swore by it so why not... I cleaned the gun spotless then brushed this stuff on (It comes in paste form) and let the gun sit under a heat lamp for about 20 mins. This stuff melts and soaks into the metal. I was told to repeat this 3 times so I did... The last range outing the ladies put 300 rounds through it and I put another 200+ (full bulkbox) without a single failure.

I'm happy with the 22A and for what I paid it can't be beat. If you're looking for a .22 check it out and I'll also recommend the frog lube as well...