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    Question about a Gun Cleaning Mat

    I just bought my first concealed carry gun. I bought a Glock 26. I am excited to have it!

    I am thinking of ordering a Glock cleaning mat from
    Glock gun cleaning mat

    The specs say that it will not be damaged by solvents. It is made from neoprene, so I imagine it would be fairly tough.

    Have any of you used one of these for cleaning your gun on? If so please let me know what you think about it and how it holds up to the chemicals. Thanks!

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    looks like a hi tech version of the old car floor mat that i use, and the price isnt horrible either..... might have to try one of these myself

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    I use a large shallow tupperware from the dollar store, when I'm done I just scrub it with some bleach cleaner. After a while I toss it, it was only a dollar.

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    I just got a new Remington gun cleaning mat on eBay for about $11. It doesn't look as cool as the Glock (and other similar mats on the website referenced above -- which can also be found on eBay), but it's a little bigger and is solid green. I think it will be more functional for me -- bigger space and easier to see parts and stuff on the solid color.

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