Sight picture and alignment - Need tips please

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      Sight picture and alignment - Need tips please

      Hi Guys,

      I am new to shooting (sort of, I have shot about 400 rounds through my XD40SC). I'm not sure how I should be aiming. Should I have one eye open or both? Should I focus on the rear sights, front sight, or target? Anyone have any tips? My accuracy is really bad, and I am taking an NRA Basic Pistol course in 3 weeks, but I'd like to try and improve some before then!

      Any tips for a beginner?

      THanks bros!

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      The first thing you need to determine is if you are right or left eye dominant. The NRA Instructors will help you determine this in your class (send me a PM and I can send you a link). Don't be concerned regarding what you do not know before you get the the NRA Basic Pistol. You need to use your dominant eye for aiming. IF you are able to keep both eyes open do (greater field of view, dominant eye does not squint so less eye strain and more light). However, most people (especially new shooters) are not able to do this. You focus on the FRONT sight only. The rear sight is a little fuzzy and the target is a little fuzzy. Center the front sight (horizontally) in the rear sight and have the top of the front sight level with the top of the rear sight.

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      Concentrate your visual focus on the top center of the front sight. At this point in your development and for the style of shooting that you're doing it doesn't matter if you have one eye open or both. Eventually you'll want both open, but for right now let's get you on target.

      Beware of "MEGO" (My Eyes Glaze Over). Your visual focus will be somewhere between the front sight and the target and nothing will be clear. Continually refocus on the front sight (this changes as your shooting experience increases, and you alter your focus depending on the shot you need to make).

      Try to see what the gun does in recoil. If it goes straight up--great. If it goes up and right, loosen the grip a little on your right hand. If it goes up and left, loosen the left hand a bit. If you can't see what it does, you're blinking as the gun goes off (naturally, shooting with your eyes shut makes getting a decent group a LOT harder)

      Think of the trigger as a button that you press straight back rather than a lever that you pull. Hold it to the rear after the shot breaks, settle the gun back on target, then release the trigger just until it resets and do it again. Focus on the front sight and this routine and your groups should get betteralmost instantly.

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