Trip Down Memory Lane
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    Trip Down Memory Lane

    Hello members I just want take a trip down memory lane regarding your first handgun you had. I just know
    that being a gun owner for the first time was a great feeling and me personally I know that is a moment I
    won't forget. So if you want to share with the forum your first handgun please feel free to do so. I'll start it off first, mine was my Sig P250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIM RIGHT View Post
    . . . mine was my Sig P250.
    Mine was my Beretta 92 FS Centurion. Italian made, factory installed Trijicon night sights. Bought in 1992.
    As they say, a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

    I learned three things.
    First, everything I had ever read about "evil guns" and the "bad second amendment" was nothing but lies.
    Second, just buying a handgun in Michigan was difficult. And just transporting it home after leaving it for the required "police station check" was a felony. If caught.
    Third, getting the required "Transport locked and unloaded for hunting/target range" permit was VERY expensive, convoluted, and took a LONG time.

    Then, I retired to AZ in 1997. What a difference.

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    Enfield #2 revolver, in .38 S&W, ca. 1958, complete with .22 RF adapter.

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