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    whats better

    i am currently looking into buying a smaller carry gun either a s&w bodygaurd or a sig 238 please let me know about both of these good and bad

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    I can't (and wouldn't try to) guide your personal choice.
    Instead, I'll suggest what I always do, when someone asks a question like this: Go to a range where they rent time with various guns. Try shooting as many of them as you can afford. Pick the one that feels best in your own hand, and which doesn't malfunction.

    Bear in mind that short-barrel, short-handled pistols are very difficult to shoot well. It takes lots of practice and experience.
    If you find a snubbie that feels good, but seems inaccurate, don't worry: The gun is OK; the problem is in your technique. Almost all well-made modern guns are acceptably accurate for self-defense. Most shooters are not.

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