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    Firing Pin Spring Reliability

    I want to get a Taurus Millennium Pro in 45 caliber but I am concerned about something. For home defense it will be loaded at all times and that gives me two options in order to bring the pistol into action;
    1. I would have to actuate the slide to chamber a round (in the case of a home invasion in the dead of night chambering a round will cause a lot of noise and give away my position or it could cause an assailant to open fire immediately) or
    2. I would need to already have it cocked, which brings me to my question, since the firing pin spring will be under constant pressure (for years) will the spring eventually lose itís energy causing the pistol not to fire?

    Thanks in advance for your input

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    Leaving a spring compressed will not wear it out. Cycling a spring weakens it over time. Compressing it, letting it relax, compressing, etc. I would be more concerned with the brand of pistol you mentioned than leaving a spring compressed. Just my opinion.

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    Theoretically it should be designed for exactly what your describing. I wouldn't sweat it.
    If you think it's something you think needs to be addressed, consider keeping extra springs around. Maybe change them once a year or something like that.

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    I prefer to rack a home defense weapon as oppossed to leaving one in the chamber. The spring you mention should go years before failure if you wish to leave it loaded. I would shoot the pistol at least every six months or so to insure proper function.

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