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    Quote Originally Posted by spacedoggy
    I think the 380 round is good for backup only. The least I would carry is the 9mm and I require a large mag for that round. I perfer the S&W40 or the 45 ACP.
    Does the miniscule difference between the .380 and 9mm matter that much to you?

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    Shoot me w/ both, and I'll tell ya

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    Here's a very generic comparison...your results may vary, especially shooting +P's and taking into account different bullet designs.

    That being said, I'd rather have a .380 in my pocket than nothing and if I can't hide a .40 or .45, I have no problems carrying a +P 380 Auto By the way, most defensive shootings are three shots in three seconds at three feet...

    Name Bullet Weight (grains) Velocity (muzzle) in fps Energy (muzzle) in ft lbs Energy (at 100 yd) in ft-lbs
    9 mm....115gr.....1155fps....391...241

    .38 sp...110gr......995fps....242...185
    45 ACP..185gr.....1000fps...411... 324
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    Most calibers look minscule compared to the caliber the next size up. I guess it's at what level you feel comfortable with.

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    Why are all you owners not at over at my place have as of last count 875 members . Thats the place to talk Bersa and we hava a warrenty gun smith as a member. He will fix it right if needed or everybody will hear about it. I also have started a sec for Kel Tec.

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    These two comments are from a board that Stephen A. Camp and I both go to. They are worth considering even though I hold the Bersa 380 in high esteem. Regards, Richard

    First quote:
    "I know,,,, allot of you don't think there is a problem but,,,,, theres IS.

    I just got back two more Bersa's from repair, the triggers were fixed but the slide stops won't hold the slide back with the mag out and the slide and stop are peened over do to no heat treat (just like our range gun and others I know.)

    Bersa uses different independent service centers, I send in to to one place and they say these guns were messed with while the owners say they never took the guns apart and messed with them at all and don't even know how.

    The service center fixes one for free but calls back with the other and says it's fixed and will be $100!!!!!!!!! So the owner says F*ck you and you can keep my freaking gun because I ain't paying for something I didn't do!

    I ask why they didn't give us a quote first and they say the letter with the gun says "please repair" and I says "yes UNDER WARRANTY" "You have a warranty don't you?"

    So I call bersa several times and get the run around, got ahold of the CEO once but he never called me back so I hammer my REP and the CEO says he remembers my call and was sorry he didn't get back to me,,, later I get the gun back no charge.

    However I now have a slide stop problems, so the Rep said he never heard of slide stop problems and I says I know of at least 7 guns with this problem. So he says well send them to this repair center because he specialized in the slide stop problems and such.

    So I says WAIT A MINUTE! I thought you never heard of this slide stop problem! (I guess he didn't know Bren was a bulldog and Bren will keep chewing ones ass until they do "the right thing".

    Anyway I tell my to Bersa owners that they will probably just file the Slide back and since it's not heat treated, it will only be a short lived Band aid.

    So I give them the choice operate it like a PPK (with no SS) or send it in for band aid treatment.

    They redeemed their guns."

    Second quote:

    "I've had this problem with our range gun.It seems the slide release is more of a problem then the slide.It must be made from some soft @ss metal,MIM of some sort I suspect.I called Eagle Imports on numerous occassions about the rental gun and the one I bought my fiancee.I raised a stink and have gotten them to send me 2 slide releases and springs,1 thumb-safety,2 mag springs and some other small parts.They tried to bill me for the parts but balked when I told them I'd send it to them on there dime.

    I sold off the Bersa POS I bought my fiancee and will replace it with a Glock 19 when the funds become available.She has a friends G26 for the time being.

    I've read a lot of good things about the Bersa Thunder .380 but have come to my own conclussion that they are junk."

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    Now I'm afraid it will blow up when I take it for its rapid fire test! LOL!

    Maybe I should just consign mine while I can still get back a good chunk of what I paid for it...

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    Question More research

    I haven't had a chance to fire a compact 9mm. If that works out for me, it would simplify ammo purchases. In the meantime, I'm still interested in the smaller caliber handguns for ccw.

    Any comments about Berretta or Taurus .380 or .32?


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    I had a Beretta 84 (.380) once and wish I still had it. Feels just like a smaller version of a Beretta 92 and mine was just a reliable. It may be a little bigger that what you are looking for as it has a double stack mag. Not sure if you want a pocket pistol or just a good all around conceal carry gun, and even that will all depend on your personal philosophy.
    Kel Tek is supposed to make a very reliable, very light weight gun in .32, .380, and 9mm though I have never owned one I have heard a lot of good things about them as to their reliability.
    You will need to choose what is overall right for you. My home/work carry gun is small and thin because I must, deep conceal at work due to the nature of my work, and I just like a small gun on at home because I cant feel it on me when I am laying on my butt playing video games. However when I go to town for any other reason I carry either my S&W M&P or Springfield XD 3 inch. These are what I would always carry at work if I thought I could pull it off.
    As for a .32, in the 25 years I have been shooting handguns the .32 is the only caliber I cannot recall having ever shot, I am sure I have at one time or another but I certainly haven't owned one.

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