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    Hi Point 45

    I would like to know about the reliability and production quality of the Hi Point 45. None of the ranges around where I live have a rental for me to try out. I have read many postings on them and they are generally good and you of course you can't beat the price.

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    The production quality is poor which explains the price, pending on who you talk to they are decent enough guns gun the size/weight/capacity ratios are in the negative. For a more "cost effective" firearm, take a look at Bersa. I don't know if I still have the picture or not, but there's a pic of a cross section of a hi point slide and there's alot of bubbles & voids in the metal. The only other thing they have going for them is a very good warranty but I've met more than one person that's felt robbed with what they got, even after sending the gun back to get fixed.

    Personally, I think they're crap.

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    Check this link

    Go to link below and click on "Trying to Break a Hi-Point"

    Handguns Magazine

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    That was tedious. Considering the ridiculous stuff they did to it, it did fine though. A more interesting test would be more to find out how it holds up over a few thousand rounds of normal shooting. I'm rather unlikely to dunk mine in baking products, but very likely to run a lot of rounds through it.

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    I'm actually one of the few that like the Hi Points. I have owned two different models now and haven't experienced a whole lot of problems. Incredibly cost effective and I am of the opinion, "The best gun there is, is the one you have." (except in the case of my Taurus pt .25... I would rather have a club than that piece).

    Of course, with the price of the gun you can be assured it is not the best quality. You get what you pay for. But many people are ok with that. If the Hi Point is all you can afford and your in a situation where your life is threatened. Don't wait for anything else.. Get one now.
    However if you can wait, I think it would be well worth it.
    You could as VA said, look at Bersa or even Rossi if you wanted a revolver.

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    The High Point was designed around a manufacturing process (zinc/aluminum die-casting). This is the same process that is used for the chrome soap dish that holds your soap in the bathroom. The process yields parts that are as accurate and repeatable as plastic injection molding. The alloys are generally quite hard and brittle. High Point has reinforced the slide with steel stampings and the components are considerably beefier than the steel and alloy parts on other weapons; this done to offset the lack of strength in the die castings.

    Also, the black finish is powdercoating. This is a "hard" finish as compared to paint, but it lacks the abrasion resistance we generally have come to expect in firearms' finishes.

    What I've read of the weapons its that they are reasonably reliable and reasonably durable. The over-sized slide (which make the weapon look so odd) is required because the need for mass in blow back weapons. A strong spring and the weight of the slide combine to hold the slide in battery until the bullet flies.

    In any case, this is a "Wal-mart shopper" type of gun. And as such you won't find too many defenders of the weapon in any hobby-forum.

    Things to remember:

    1. The finish will show wear fairly quickly.

    2. A hard drop on pavement may crack almost any part of the weapon.

    3. It is a big weapon and might not conceal very well.

    If it were me, I would rather buy a Kel-tec PF9 which I've seen advertised for $259.00. Early versions were flawed, but the current production is supposed to be quite good. It is small, it carries a major service caliber, and it is supposed to be quite reliable. I think I would choose the Kel-Tec over the High-Point. Let me re-phrase that: I would choose the Kel-Tec over the High Point.

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