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Thread: what to buy?

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    Question what to buy?

    Looking to buy a .380 for concealed carry. So far i like the Kel-tec P-3AT, the Bersa Thunder or the Ruger LCP. Thanks in advance for any insight on which one to purchase.

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    I prefer the ruger because its what i own. I love it and its perfect for what it is. A concealed carry pistol. I have never shot or even held a bersa, but have heard they are great guns. You will catch a lot of hit and miss replies on the kel tec. I personaly dont own one, but have shot the Keltec 32 and i really liked it. I almost bought a keltec p11 9mm over the witner just because it was cheap and im always looking for another gun. I think you will be happy with any of the 3 choices.

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    Bersa Thunder is a nice little pisol especially for the price. I have no complaints about mine.

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