Deagle question for owners (considering buying my first Deagle)

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      Deagle question for owners (considering buying my first Deagle)

      I want to pick up a new handgun to carry in my truck, looking for something with a high intimidation factor! I have been considering a deagle .50ae but have a few concerns. First I am worried the large caliber and strong kick will discourage me from wanting to shoot it often, and I would like to take it to the range pretty often. I considered the .357 but im afraid it wont be much better and then im the guy who didnt go for the big gun. Also im concerned at $2 every time I pull the trigger I will be discouraged from shooting it. Also for the price of the thing I could buy 2 very nice semi auto guns of a smaller caliber. Out weighing all that is the fact that its a bad a$$ weapon that is sure to put fear into anyone who has the misfortune to look down the barrel. Basically im wondering is it worth it? Any input from owners would be greatly appreciated. Please dont post if you dont own one.

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      I have a brushed 50AE. It's a great gun, but isn't a cheap range gun. The kick is not too bad but it's not something you want to shoot 50 rounds per range visit.

      I also own two 500 S&W and the DE is tame compared to them.

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      Deagle = video game speak for Desert Eagle

      Sounds like you should get a more appropriate handgun first such as a .22 to learn the basics.

      Desert Eagles are expensive to buy, expensive to shoot. Heavy and quite impractical for anything other than fun at the range or perhaps hunting/metallic silhouette shoots.

      I do own one. They are quite accurate and a lot of fun but not well suited to what you described as why you wanted one.

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      I was wondering what a Deagle was (not into video games). I agree that a smaller handgun would be better, dont worry about intimidation and hope you never have to pull one for serious use.

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      Actually, I think the "Deagle" is the perfect handgun ........ for video games.

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      Might not be the best gun for a first gun.

      I suggest you visit a range that rents guns and shoot a few 9mm guns

      Then decide what gun you want.

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