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    Gun Storage

    How do you guys store your handguns when not in use? Do you store them in the factory box or out loose? I have a small safe that has several shelves that I just lay the guns on, I can get 3-4 per shelf depending on the size of the gun. I also have a rack on the top shelf of my large safe that will hold several. I've never had any problems doing it this way, I usually take them out a couple of times a year and give them a wipe down if they don't get used. How do you store yours? Just curious if it might be better to keep them in the boxes and stacked up in the corner of the safe.

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    I just lay them on the shelf in the safe.

    Any kind of close fitting container will hold moisture in and promote rust. Especially those ones with foam in them. The only time I use a container is when taking more than 1 gun to the range.
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    Hi Where i live all guns have to be stored in a approved gun safe, that has to be attached to the fabric of the building. The police go to your house and check the safe before they will approve the gun licence.

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    I keep them in the safe on a rack. This saves space too.

    Most of the long guns are on the door. I will never have a safe that is large enough. Never.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dosborn View Post
    I will never have a safe that is large enough. Never.
    You are on your way to needing a vault instead of a safe.

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    I store mine in a pistol rack in my gun safe lie dosborn above.

    I have a gun safe de-humidifier and recharge it every couple of months.

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