Just posted a review of the Caracal F by Walt Rauch on my Web site. He gives it 7.5 stars out of 10. Here's the shooting-range section of the article:

"Range work went well. I’d been forewarned the guns had already been shot extensively, so I didn’t expect, nor did we have, any malfunctions. Joe Mulligan, Irv Gill and AJ Stuart helped me shoot a variety of ammo brands, bullet weights and velocities in the two guns. We shot Black Hills 115-grain JHP, Hornady 115-grain XTP, Winchester 127-grain +P+ RANGER HP and assorted King Shooters Supply lead bullet reloads. (There’s no prohibition on using lead bullets in the Caracal pistols.)

Accuracy was more than acceptable. I shot both guns standing, two-handed at 20 yards using Black Hills and Hornady ammunition. With the compact, I shot five rounds of Hornady loads into 2.75“, and with the full size using Black Hills, I scored a five-shot 1.75“ group. Trigger pulls measured 4.25 lbs. for the full-size gun, while the compact came in at 4.75 lbs. Both were smooth.

Below is the data obtained using a Pro Chrony chronograph with the Caracal F. The temperature 65 degrees F at 300 feet above sea level.

* Black Hills 115-gr. JHP: 1,095 fps, 1.75″ group
* Hornady 115-gr. XTP: 1,087 fps, 2.5″ group
* Winchester 127-gr. +P+ RANGER HP: 1,162 fps, 2.75″ group

The other shooters, owning or having shot other such polymer pistols, needed little to no familiarization on the sample guns. The consensus: Muzzle rise is minimal and felt recoil soft (as it is with the Glocks and other such polymer pistols).

As far as the Quick Sight goes, it neither hindered nor improved our efforts. Only time and hard use can validate or disprove any other claims, although it’s worth noting that in 2007 the pistol passed a handgun test identified as the WTD91 protocol for the German Army."

Link to the full article: Caracal F Pistol Review | GunGunsGuns.net

Troy Sellars, director of ops at CaracalUSA, told me yesterday they will begin shipping the Caracal F next week. MSRP is $740-$760, but retail will likely end up being around $600. Their Web site is "coming soon."