I don' like DAO gun - I'm eatin' crow here

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      I don' like DAO gun - I'm eatin' crow here

      I don't like DAO pistols.

      As a former 1911 lover - I don't like them at all.

      Over the years I've given to family members or traded off some very good striker fired guns.

      Because I don't like DAO guns.

      With the encouragement of a very good shooting friend I bought a P250 in 9mm from Cheaper Than Dirt for less than $400 delivered here in Dallas.

      Well I find the P250 to be a fantastic weapon.

      It’s accurate, reliable, easy to carry concealed and IMHO a nice looking gun.

      Right out of the box it has a nice trigger, like it's brother the P2022.

      But I didn't like the amount of travel or slack in the trigger.

      So I called a Sig forum member Robert Burke (phone - (972) 342-2717 or email Robert Burke sigarmorer@verizon.net ) to ask him if he happened to have any of his magic to do on the P250.

      He did and since he did such a great job on my Sig P229 Platinum Elite I gave my P250 to him.

      I got it back after a few days (10 days I believe) and he man did he work magic on it.

      As I said it was good before, but now all of the trigger slack is gone.

      It's even smoother than before and after shooting it a lot this past weekend ... (everyone wanted to try it - the range master was even impressed with it's feel and accuracy).

      I gotta say it's a fine gun and is already in my conceal carry rotation.

      So I'm manning up - you can ignore all my previous comments about never wanting a DOA gun. I do like the P250 not necessarily any other DOA guns .

      But the Sig P250 RULES (especially with Roberts tweeks).

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      Nice! trigger work can make a good gun a great one.. You can always learn to appreciate something new!!!


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      Not fond of the looks. But I'm glad you like it. Like I say "something out there for everyone".

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