Star B stamped - HELP
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    Star B stamped - HELP

    Star B

    I need help understanding one of the stamps on my Star B. I’ll start by sharing what I know.

    I know that the model B was widely exported into many countries, including Hitlers' Germany, and was used during WWII.

    I know that mine has the helmet over the X, which indicates admission to (receipt at) proof house (Used after July 9 1931). Secondly, the P in the circle indicates passing of proof test – Automatic pistol from Eibar proof house (Used after December 14, 1929). Finally, the Q with an asterisks over it indicates year of proof (date indicated is 1946?). I am not sure what “date indicated is 1946” means???

    I know that the Echeverria (Star) company has published records of five variations (shipments) which are the ACTUAL Nazi German delivery contracts. My Star B has the serial # 255598 (from the fourth variation), which was delivered on June 6, 1944 to Handave France, a town near the Franco Spanish boarder. It included 8000 pistols; serial numbers 248001-254300 and 254551-256250.

    I know that mine does NOT have a Waffenamt stamp and it’s not purplish, so that rules out the Russian’s dip bluing after WWII or the unethical arms dealer in Germany who bought up the Bulgarian arsenal surplus when it hit the market and applied Waffenamt marks to them for extra cash. Even if I had a Star B with a Waffenamt mark it’s easy to figure out which stamp is fake. The fake has the 2nd “A” centered under the stick eagle. The Authentic mark has the “A” offset to the left of the eagle with the “2” almost directly under the center of the stick eagle and the bad bunch is 9/9/43: 225007 to 225775; 226101 to 230331 - 12/2/43: 230332 to 230375; 230826 to 231756; 231758 to 235782 and 3/23/44: 235901 to 240900.

    Question: My question is about the stick eagle stamped on my Star B with the code 4(Zero or Q)20 under it. I am not sure if the second digit in the stamp is a zero or a Q. So it could be 4020 or 4Q20. This stamp is on the frame back by the hammer and safety. What does this stamp mean? Please give me as much history as possible.
    I love the history behind guns and enjoy the research as much or more than firing them.

    Please share your knowledge with me.

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and the bad bunch is 9/9/43: 225007 to 225775; 226101 to 230331 - 12/2/43: 230332 to 230375; 230826 to 231756; 231758 to


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