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    Aftermarket Fiber Optic Sites

    Since I can't get an answer over in the FN Forum, maybe posting my question here will yield better results. I'm looking for a set of FO Sites for an FNP-45 USG. I've checked with a couple companies, but they say the gun is "too new". Yep, its been in production since 2006, but its "too new". Anyone know who makes a set? I much appreciate the help.

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    With the FN 45 I really do not think it is that it is "too new" as FN keeps changing their models and that one hasn't sold as weel as need to see aftermarket companies make oarts to "dangle"on the weapon.

    I have not ever seen FO sights for that particular gun. A guy I shoot with yses a FN45 on occasion and he has a FO on it. I believe he had an adapter made or bought one so he could mount the sight to the adapter then the adapter to his FN45.

    I apogize for not knowing more. He has said how hard it was for him to find something as simple as a FO sight for his gun also.


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    If you are having problems attempting to improve the sights on your pistol, contact "novaks guns" on the internet & i can almost promise they will have a solution to satisfy your personal requirements. After discussing with them what you are looking for, ship them your slide & they will mill the slide & install the sights usually no longer than 10 working days. I have used them with great satisfaction for the past 20 years.

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