Is it bulletproof?
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    Cool Is it bulletproof?

    We thought we would try making some videos of everday objects being shot to see if they are "Bulletproof" or can at least stop a bullet. So for the fisrt episode we thought we would start with a bowling ball. Check it out and see if a bowling ball could save your life when bullets and bowling balls start to fly.

    Armed Self Defense Institute - Videos

    Tell me what you think or tell us what we should try next. Hope you enjoy!

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    What a waste of a perfectly good bowling ball!
    I'm sure that doing this video was fun, but it is meaningless.
    Hide behind a bowling ball? Give me a break! (Oh—Wait. You already did break it. )

    Let's say, for discussion purposes, that you are being attacked in a bowling alley. Is it really your best tactic, to hide behind a racked row of bowling balls?
    They're round and quite hard, so bullets that glance off of one ball would pass between it and the next ball, and get you for certain.
    And then there's the shards of fractured ball, also coming your way.
    Nope. Not a good idea.

    But it certainly looks like fun!

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    MythBusters lines a van with phonebucks - several phonebooks thick. It worked fine for 2 machine guns and was only an issue when they brought out the huge 50 cal belt fed gun

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    Just entertainment

    This videos main purpose was entertainment value only. Surley no one would use a bowling abll as body armor.

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    I've seen guys get mad at their golf clubs before, but never their bowling ball.

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    So what kind of bowling ball was harmed during the making of this video?

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