Some replies to various Internet and other source inquiries that I have made, have implied that the older High Standard 22 target pistols that were produced in Camden are a better overall quality handgun than the newer High Standards that have been recently produced in Texas.

Is it your opinion that the above is true or is this just coming from people who are not willing to pay the few extra dollars that a brand new High Standard would cost them vs. what they can purchase an older Camden of the same line for ? Is it possible that this is just a "collectors" point of view and does not actually represent a true comparison of the general reliability and accuracy (and overall quality) of the older produced HS vs. the newer produced HS ?

Yes, I know that "some" collector pieces of certain lines of High Standards can bring even more than a recently produced pistol of that same line, but from what I am seeing, pistols in good condition to excellent condition of the older vintage are anywhere from 2 to 5 hundred dollars cheaper that the current MSRP of a comparable Texas produced pistol (this is assuming that you might have to actually pay the MSRP).