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    Cool MAGAZINES to read?

    I am interested in subscribing to a couple of new magazines. Wondered what the learned group here might suggest. I know FORUMS, like this one are more current and up to date, but like to keep up with in-print too.

    NOT interested in hunting, rifles or shotguns. Prefer the semi-automatic pistols info/subjects, gun reviews, tips on security, etc.

    Appreciate your help!

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    Gun mags are all kind of crappy but I still like them to see what's new, and hey you gotta have something to read on the pot.

    I prefer Handguns, Combat Handguns, and American Handgunner,
    with preference going to Combat Handguns. I saw new rag at Barnes & Noble that was more CCW orientated but I don't remember what it was called. It focused more on defensive stuff/tactics/home defense etc.

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    Besides the NRA magazine, I think they are all about the same.

    Concealed Carry Magazine, published by USCCA, is another exception to the normal run of the mill rag.
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    i went to walmart and wrote down the gun mags that they carried...went on the internet...and viewed the magazine for free....

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    I suggestion: The american handgunner have been reading it since the mid 1970's when it first began publication.

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    Combat handguns is my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adjohns3 View Post
    I am interested in subscribing to a couple of new magazines. Wondered what the learned group here might suggest. . . .
    I am, of course, "quite learned"

    Rather than suggest specific magazines, I think you should try a bunch of them "off the rack".

    Be especially "curious" about magazines that "write up a test report" on some new product. Gun or other.
    And, then, the mag has a paid ad about the new product in close proximity to new product article.
    You get the idea.

    I raced motorcross from 1974 to 1995. The mag "test reports" on the new racing bikes always
    referred to "problems" the new bikes had solved compared to the previous years bikes. In going back a year,
    THOSE test reports NEVER referenced that the motorcyles currently being tested had a "problem(s)", whether major or minor.
    You get the idea.

    That said, I think the NRA "American Rifleman" contains more "real stuff" minus bias than any other mag.
    A lot of that comes from the fact that their mag sells advertising, but it is not totally needed for the mag survival.
    If you care about guns at all, you should be an NRA member. And choose which of their magazines you desire. The first one is "free".

    I also like "American Handgunner".
    Masaad Ayood writes a column.

    While I find he can be a little bit pretentious at times, he REALLY knows his stuff. And, has "earned his stripes'.
    If you have a handgun, then google Masaad and buy and read every book he has ever written.
    Here is his "Lethal Force Institute" home site link.
    Massad ayoob, lethal force institute, ammunition sales, handgun ammunition, tactical gear
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    I like them all pretty much. Just enjoy reading about technical stuff that may or may not have any real application beyond my imagination. Like has been said, the magazines NEED advertisers to spend there money, so, by a BIG ad, get a good review is not uncommon. (I spent 40 years in advertising/PR). i think that's why so many not so good guns get good reviews. When I do see a negative review, its usually focused on a safety being to sharp or hard to reach, etc they almost always end with the words SUCH@SUCH Corporation has promised these defects will be taken carry of in the immediate future, and plase send yours back if you have that problem. Yeah, right! American Handgunner prob my fave but a little thin sometimes.

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    I like Handguns from Guns & Ammo.

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    I review many at the bookstore but seldom buy because it just seems like one big advertisement for gun manufactures. Heck, I bet they would compare a High Point equally to a Kimber if High Point advertised with them. Many seemed bias toward the 1911 too. Just my opinion.

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