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    Quick question

    I shoot a glock 23 and i cuurently use 180gr fmj target load. I'm having a problem with my shots grouping about four inches low. I was wondering if a lower grain bullet would help raise my groups. I would appreciate any help on the subject.

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    To raise your groups, switch to a heavier bullet, not a lighter one. The heavier bullet will exit the gun later in the recoil cycle, so the gun's muzzle will be higher when it emerges.
    But first make sure that it's not you. Jerking its trigger makes a pistol shoot low, and the Glock "Safe Action" makes trigger jerking all too easy to do.
    Grasp your pistol very firmly and lock your forearm joints. Try to concentrate upon keeping your sights aligned carefully on your target, while you slowly and gently press (not "pull") the trigger straight back. The gun should surprise you, when it goes off.
    Now, where did that shot go? Fire at least two more (and four more is better) in exactly the same way, to make sure that it wasn't a fluke.

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    This is curious. I went to the range recently with a friend. He had a new (to him glock xx .40. He shot well with his gun but when he tried my fnp 9 he wa shooting low. I had no trouble with the glock
    This gives me a good explanation of his techniques.


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