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    CZ 75b / Beretta 92fs - 1000 rds through each

    Hit a 1000 rds through each of the above. Both purchased new.

    Both have been flawless - no malfunction of any kind

    The 92fs was smoother & had a better trigger out of the box, not as noticeable an improvement after 1000 rds

    The 75b was a lot better after 1000 rds, it's trigger & action is still not as smooth but it's getting noticeably better with every rd fired.

    Both handle recoil very well, and both are equal as far as a comfortable shooter goes. I would have no problem shooting either one all day long.

    Out of the box I am more accurate with the 92fs, but the gap has decreased sharply as the 75b breaks in.

    Both are extremely easy to break down, clean & maintain.

    Not that it matters but, the 92fs is a "sexier" looking handgun IMHO.

    If my life was on the line & I had to pick one it would be the 92fs, only because I'm more accurate with it. ( the gap is closing through as the CZ continues to smooth out)

    Both are keepers & I don't plan on ever getting rid of either one, but if God came down from the Heavens & said I have to chose between the two, I would pick the 92fs.

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    If God does show up and make you give one up He is going to tell you to give the CZ to me.

    It is interesting to hear a true side by side evaluation of these guns. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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    I agree about the 92FS.

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    +1 on the Beretta 92F

    I love mine.

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