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    First Hand Gun

    Hello Fellow Shooters,

    Well I have been working on my gun collection for a couple years now. I have now acquired the funds available to buy my first pistol (my gun collection is small but growing). I'm fairly certain I've decided on a compact 9 mm. I've done a good bit of homework and I think my first choice is a Ruger p95.

    However, I'm on a fixed budget in a small town so there is a chance I won't find the exact model I want. I'm looking to spend less than $600 and I would like something reasonably compact that carries enough ammo (10-15). I know to avoid Taurus, from what I've heard from a lot of people. Do ya'll have any other suggestions as to what to look for and/or what to avoid in my search and purchase?



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    Consider a Stoeger Cougar. Stoeger Industries is a subsidiary of Beretta. The Stoeger Cougars are made in Turkey using the same machinery that Beretta used to make the original Cougars. It is every bit the quality of the Beretta. The Stoeger 8000 in 9mm is identical to the Beretta Cougar L Type P (Cougar L slide, lighter barrel and beveled slide, but with a full-length magazine).

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    I would suggest either an M&P or an XD. I have both in 45, and both are very good pistols. Both have performed perfectly, but I like the M&P a bit better.

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    Might want to look at the Beretta PX4 sub compact

    It is not a pocket gun, but small enough to easily conceal.

    Good luck with finding the gun you want.

    I always suggest that you rent or borrow the same model gun you want to buy and shoot it.

    To me they all shoot just a little differently.


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