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    Have You Any Handguns..?

    Do you have any handguns that you haven't shot in a long time? I mean good solid performers that are just sitting in the safe. I know I have a long list of handguns I haven't fired in a coon's age:

    Ruger MKII Government 22
    Ruger 22/45 22
    Ruger P85 MKII
    Ruger P90
    Ruger P97
    4 BHPs ( MKII, MKIII 9mm, MKIII 9mm, MKIII 40 S&W)
    Star BM
    Kahrs (1 E9, 1 K9, 2 K40s)
    Browning BDM

    I think it is time for me to take some of these to the range!


    Richard ;D
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    Colts: 2 Pythons, Boa, Commander, Police Pos Sp .38SP, Mustang, Det Sp, Trooper .357, Pocket Positive .32 S&W, 1903 Hammerless .32, 1908 Hammerless .25, 1908 Pocket Hammerless .380
    CZ: 50, 40
    Bulgarian Makarov
    Bersa .380
    H&R Model 939
    Mauser Model 1914
    Ortigies .32
    S&W: Models 13, 14, 66, 28
    Rugers: Single Six .22, GP 100, Mark II, SP 101, P944, Redhawk

    I've been concentrating on my rifles recently; I should shoot these more often. Some are just a pain to disassemble and clean, so they don't get shot as often as others. The ones I shoot the most are my Beretta 92, CZ 75BD 9mm, Walther P22, Colt Official Police .38SP, Colt Diamondback .38SP.

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    Gun I shoot the least is my G34 - I think I last shot it in Feb 06. But, I still like it - and Ive gotten a couple of newer guns since, so I've spent my time w/ them.

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    rfawcs, I am in the opposite position as it is easier for me to find a location to shoot handguns than long guns. I have three indoor ranges that are close but I have to drive a ways to shoot rifles. Regards, Richard

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    Don't get me started.......there are a lot of neglected pieces in my gun room.... poor things.

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    I get on a line of thinking and concentrate on one cartridge or one type of gun, or for whatever reason, and many of my guns go lacking attention.
    A few years ago I started a policy of firing one hundred rounds in one year through every handgun at least every five years.

    I am currently in the single action phase and building custom Ruger Single Actions, and my Smiths have gone lacking.

    Bob Wright

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