Longer Trigger Pull for Cops?

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      Longer Trigger Pull for Cops?

      I was at my local gun store today and they had a bunch of Glocks that the Detroit Police Dept. traaded in. The guns had a lot longer and resistant trigger pull. So I asked about it and was told that the Police issued weapons have a modded trigger to be less sensitive because of the high pressure situations our Police are put through. The guy told me it was to avoid accidental discharge in a high stress scenario. Is this true?

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      Yes, it's true.
      But the pistols are easily modified back to a five-pound, or even a 3.5-pound, pull. All it takes is one part and a little patient fitting.

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      That was another political solution to another exaggerated problem, that could have easily been cured by more intelligent hiring practices, and backed up by intelligent and frequent training.

      Anyone who carries a gun should take it upon themselves to learn how not to pull the trigger by mistake, and police should be drilled occasionally to keep from becoming apathetic towards the cardinal rules of gun handling.

      Even with all the proper precautions being taken, there will still be some mistakes made, and I suppose there will always be a politician around to spin it into a problem that only he (or she) can solve.

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      ^^ Well said.

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