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    Thumbs up Green laser sight

    I have used a number of laser sights in red.Does anyone have expierence with a green laser sight which they say is much better, but what do I know.I have a Glock 23 and 29.Thinking about putting it on the 29. Any advice??????????????

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    60% of men are color blind to one extent or the other. TZhe most common type is red-green color blindness. Lasers are red or green

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    No personal experience. However, based on the available literature and a little "Mr. Science" deduction, the green is of a higher frequency than the red and thus produces a more visually "intense" projection that is easier to pick up in daylight conditions by comparison. At night it may actually be of significant detriment to have such a high intensity light as it could compromise the tactical picture more easily than a lower intensity red.

    Like anything, picking the proper tool for the job would be the most important factor over which give more "mall ninja" points on the cool meter. Determine your application needs and go from there.

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    I have the green and I think it is much easier to see at night. Also, I can see it better during the day. I have it on a Taurus 45 but only played with it. I've never really used it for shooting. After playing with it I decided that lazer sights were just not for me. Wish I could sell mine so I could buy another toy.

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    Maybe you'll get a sale there Allterrain!

    I have read and heard that the green lasers are the cat's meow but be prepared to purchase a lot of batteries because the power consumption of the green laser eats them up. Also I'm not too keen of that big gadget hanging off the bottom of the barrel.

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