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    Newb question with sighting and recoil

    So I just picked up my new glock 19 and took it to the range and fired about about 150 rounds. I have shot a 44mag revoler and an old star 45 acp but for some odd reason I have no accuracy with the 19. I know it's a new gun and I still have to get used to it but I was hitting low and to the right of where I was aiming at about 10 yards. Any recommendations of what I am doing wrong? Also as to the title, seems to be a bit more recoil than I expected (nost likely due to lighter polymer frame) is the only way to reduce recoil practice or is there something that I am missing. Final question when you guys are firing can/do any of you keep your eyes open while shooting to see where the muzzle is going? I can't help from blinking and by the time I have fired a shot my sights are back where they were supposed to be. I know it's confusing but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your shots group low and to the left most likely you are jerking the trigger instead of squeezing it.

    If your shots group high to the left - say in the 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock position - you are probably anticipating the recoil and pushing the firearm up. This is called "riding the recoil". Groups in this area are also caused by lack of follow-through.

    If your group is consistent at about 9 o'clock you most likely do not have your finger on the trigger properly. You are probably squeezing at an angle instead of straight back.

    If you group is high to the right you may be "heeling" the firearm - anticipating the recoil and pushing with the heel of your hand.

    If your shots group fairly consistently to the right in the 3 o'clock area you are probably "thumbing" the gun. That is, as the gun goes off you are pushing on the side of the frame with your thumb.

    If your group is consistently low, say in the 6 o'clock area, you may be "breaking" your wrist, that is, anticipating the recoil and cocking the wrist down. Low shots also come from improper follow-through when the shooter relaxes too quickly.

    If all the shots are hitting right, low, say in the 4 to 5 o'clock area, you may be tightening your grip just as the gun fires. This is another form of anticipating recoil.

    Above assumes right handed shooter.

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    If a Glock 19 feels like it has a lot of recoil, your grip must be way off. With a two-handed combat-style grip, recoil should feel negligible. I'm guessing that your problem is a poor grip and stance, combined with a longer trigger pull than expected, which causes you to anticipate the shot.

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    1. Grip the pistol in your strong-side hand so that your hand is as high up on the grip as it will go. Grip the gun as tightly as you can. Keep your thumb away from the slide.
    2. Make sure that the pistol's barrel lines up exactly with the bones in your strong-side forearm.
    3. Wrap the fingers of your weak-side (support) hand over the fingers of your strong-side hand, and press the heel of your weak-side hand against the pistol's grip in the "hole" between strong-side fingertips and hand-heel. Grip tightly.
    4. Press your weak-side hand's thumb against the pistol's frame, well below the bottom of the pistol's slide.
    5. Extend your strong-side arm straight out.
    6. step forward on your weak-side foot, so that your feet are at 45 degrees to the target.
    7. Bend the elbow of your weak-side arm down, directly below the pistol.
    8. Pull back hard with your weak-side hand as you simultaneously push forward with your strong-side hand.
    9. Now, gently press the trigger straight back with your strong-side hand's index finger. Do not "pull" the trigger. Do not "squeeze" the trigger. Press. Straight back.

    Tell me: When you shot that .44 Magnum, did you actually hit anything? If you did, was it what you were aiming at? Or were you just setting rounds off?
    Be honest, now.

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    Listen to Steve, he knows what hes talking about....go with that and practice and you will definitely see results

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    Thank you for the responses, that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I am a right handed shooter so that will help. And Steve thank you for the explanation, I will try that next time I get to the range. And suprisingly enough it was my grandfathers handgun and he had a 6 inch scope mounted to it and yeah I hit 85% of what I was shooting at. The revolver frame just seemed easier to handle for me. I was more accurate with the .44 mag than I was with a 1911 style .45acp. But I will definetly try this, the problem is I am trying to get into a range but none of them are taking on new members right now, the only one I can go to is open from 1-5 on the 4th sunday of every month for open to the public shooting. But you can bet your money that I will be there every 4 sundays.

    Thank you again for your help all of you.

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    Heres an article and a youtube video on pistol shooting and accuracy. there's a lot out there online about correct shooting. Read it with a grain of salt, cause there are some whackos out there. If what you're reading makes sense, and goes with what other 'experts' are saying, its most likely credible.

    Good luck on improving! I love my G19. You might also want to get some snap caps for practice. Just make sure you do it very safely with no live ammo near by!!

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