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    Back for more advice. IWB Holsters

    I have a H&K USP compact, I am picking up a Cz P-01 today. Is there any comfortable IWB holsters that would fit both. My H&K has a 3.58 inch barrel and the Cz's barrel is 3.9 inches. The HK is 6.81 inches overall and the Cz 7.2 inches.

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    All high-quality holsters are made for individual pistols, and generally cannot be used with something else.
    Many cheap, poorly-made fabric holsters are "one size fits all."

    My experience leads me to suggest that you are going in the wrong direction.
    You own two fairly expensive pistols, but you want to skimp on their holsters. That seems foolish.

    I strongly suggest that you invest at least $100.00 in each of two well-made and properly fitting holsters made specifically for the guns you own. I also suggest that you spend a further $50.00-to-$75.00 on a proper, stiff belt on which to carry them.

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    I think Steve has given you some pretty solid advice here. Skimping on the holster or not getting a custom taylored to the gun on is ok but not a real good way to go. I have a CZ P-01 and Hazel leather makes a very good holster for that weapon in the 70 buck ball park, I am not sure of the H&K. Personally I would take Steves advice and get 2 seperate and made for the gun holsters and a good belt.

    However if you are stuck on buying just one for the 2 you could go to acecase dot com and get a cheap IWB that would work for both, but you will buy a different better one later.


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    One piece of advice that I see a lot as I start to get in CCW'ing is that you'll likely acquire or go through several holsters before you find one that works for you, your lifestyle and how you dress. Along with that, as others have said here, buying a bargain-basement, one-size-fits-all holster doesn't makes sense either and could possibly be dangerous if it doesn't hold the weapone securely.

    I'm getting to start carrying a Glock 19 in a Desantis Tuck-This but I also am looking to pick up a Galco Skyops in the near future, too. I don't know if either of those is of interest to you but both some to be relatively easy to find online and perhaps in gun stores, too.

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    Everybody I know who carry guns has a whole drawer/ box,/suitcase full of holsters that didn't fit properly. Spend the money to do it right the first time, and consider the belt as part o the carry system.

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    I wouldn't skimp on the holsters or belt, but many handguns do have similar dimensions at the critical points and will interchange. The thickness of the gun and the size and configuration of the trigger guard are probably more of a factor than barrel length, especially if the bottom of the holster is not closed.

    I have a Crossbreed SuperTuck, which is a 'hybrid' (leather and kydex) that is designed for my 1911, but all of the Kahr subcompact models fit it perfectly, and my CZ-75 and CZ RAMI are near misses (they appear to fit but are not quite snug enough).

    A leather holster that is formed to fit, and has no retention strap, should probably be fitted tightly to a specific model. But if equipped with a retention device, the tolerances are not as critical and several guns may fit it well enough. I have made several in this category, and most of them will work with more than one gun. A good fit is best, though, because the finish suffers more, if the gun is not well supported in the right places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    Everybody I know who carry guns has a whole drawer/ box,/suitcase full of holsters that didn't fit properly. Spend the money to do it right the first time, and consider the belt as part o the carry system.
    I agree.

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    Not for nothing, I have yet to find a better holster for my P99 than my $10 Uncle Mikes IWB.

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