New gun purchase??
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    New gun purchase??

    I love shooting my M&P 45, but with the price of ammo, I am looking at getting a 9mm. I could of course get a M&P, but I was thinking of getting something different. I have been looking at the Springfield XDM or Beretta 92FS. If you have shot both or have both what pros and cons can you give. I know one is metal and the other is poly, don't really care about that. Just looking for a good shooter.

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    I have a Beretta 92FS Vertec and have had no problems with it.

    Check out the Stoeger Cougar. Stoeger Industries is a subsidiary of Beretta. The Stoeger Cougars are made in Turkey using the same machinery that Beretta used to make the original Cougars. It is every bit the quality of the Beretta. The Stoeger 8000 in 9mm is identical to the Beretta Cougar L Type P (Cougar L slide, lighter barrel and beveled slide, but with a full-length magazine).

    The Stoeger Cougar is a great gun for the money.

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    I haven't shot the 92 but I did shoot the XDM side-by-side with a Glock 19 when I was looking into purchasing my first pistol in January. Out of several guns I considered and shot, the XDM was the second choice behind the Glock. I liked how the Glock felt but that's a personal thing and your mileage may vary. If I hadn't tried the Glock, I'd have picked up the XDM. Just this past week, I shot a few rounds from an XDM that the guy next to me at the range had. It was nice but it just wasn't as nice as my Glock 19.

    There's quite a bit of difference between a 92 and an XDM. Price, construction, and operation being the first three that jump to mind.

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