View Poll Results: Which caliber for first handgun, 9mm or .40 caliber?

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  • 9mm

    73 83.91%
  • .40

    14 16.09%
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    Maybe he has stopping power confused with the mythical 'knockdown power.'

    No pistol round has the power to knock a human off his feet, else Newton's law would dictate that the shooter would be knocked down, too.

    On the other hand, many pistol rounds can stop an attack, if inserted into the proper location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dondavis3 View Post

    Sorry my friend, but I've heard lots of instructors, policemen, military and range people refer to "Stopping Power" of different calibers.

    Maybe I'm the only one that's heard it.

    But I've heard it many many times.

    Just Google "bullet stopping power" and you'll find a 100 articles about it.

    And all 100 articles are referring to a myth. Go read some stories about a 44Mag round failing to penetrate the skull of a person and you'll see.

    If it makes you sleep better go carry a friggen Desert Eagle

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    Oh, sorry.

    This is another one of those posts where everyone else is wrong and your right.

    Got it, carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parisite View Post
    If I was teaching.....the first caliber would be a .22.

    Second would be to master a 38 Special revolver.

    Semi autos would come after.
    +1 on the above! I learned on a .22 , easy & inexpensive. Stepped up to a .357 / .38 revolver that I've mastered with .38's. Then went with 9MM semi auto's.

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    I voted .40 because I own 3 S&W's in .40.

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