Night sights.
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Thread: Night sights.

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    Night sights.

    I just bought a .40 compact M&P. It came with standard sights. I am wanting to get night sights put on there. I was thinking of the meta (well however you spell it). The say they have a fixed site and a adjustable site. Now a couple of questions.

    1. Supposedly there is a pin or spring that will fly out when you take off the rear sight. What would be the best way besides the take it to a gunsmith?

    2. Not being a real intelligent man as far as sights. With a fixed sight does that mean it is good to go as soon as you put it on since it cant be adjusted? If the sight is off how do you sight it in?

    3. Is ther a niight sight that you guys recommend?

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    Windage (left or right) on auto pistols is usually done either by loosening a screw and moving the rear sight or tapping it left or right with a hammer and brass drift punch. Elevation on a fixed sight pistol is done by replacing either the front or rear sight or filing the front sight to raise the point of impact. If an elevation adjustable rear night sight is available that isn't gawd awful big I'd go with that. It will make zeroing the pistol a whole bunch easier. If there are springs and parts under the rear sight you just need to be careful as you slide the sight off. Make sure you see and capture the spring. No biggie unless you loose it. Then you order the over priced little sucker and wait.......

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