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    Smile Glock SF

    Does anyone have a glock sf and if do you like it?

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    I had a 30sf. Compact 45. It was ok. It fit my hand gun. Shooting was ok. I was off that day with everything I shot. My biggest fault was how thick the slide was while trying to conceal. It was just so friggin thick. Now I dont know about the slide on 36sf (compact 45 single stack I believe it is a 36) anyway I dont know how thick the slide is but overall the grip was nicer in my hands and I have medium sized hands.

    I will say I had no problems with the gun at all with the exception of carrying it in a IWB. Maybe with a OWB holsterit might have been different.

    My advice is to go to a gun shop and hold it for alittle bit get a good feel for the grip. Rent one and shoot it if you can. If you are just looking for something to conceal and are set on glocks I would hit the 26 or 27 models up if you dont mind carrying a 9mm or 40.

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