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    Value Question

    I have extensive experience with shotguns and competition shooting same. I also have a ton of experience with long guns. Where are the price breaks in handguns? For instance a $600 shotgun will DO anything that a $2000 shotgun will, it just wont do it as long or reliably as the more expensive brand. But there comes a point where you quit gaining performance and reliability, and just gain appearance factors. A Kreighoff shotgun starts at about 10k, but most of that is in the engraving and exclusivity ( supposed) of the brand. My comp shotgun is a Berretta DT10, which is pretty much middle of the road at $4K.

    It is early in my handgun learning process but it looks as if the semi levels go as such-

    $450 ish

    $700 ish

    $1200 ish

    Havent found the next level yet! lol

    My question is roughly where do the real gains stop, and the razzle dazzle factors take over?

    Or more importantly where is the " middle of the road" in semis? What price range gets you an established, solid, reliable pistol with all the important features, and maybe a couple of wow features?
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    I would say your answer lies in the ~$500 range. For around $500 you can get a Glock, XD, Beretta or M&P, and by doing so you will have a pistol that is reliable as anything else you can purchase, along with very good accuracy.

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