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Thread: M&P vs. XDM

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    M&P vs. XDM

    Alrihgt so this morning i was 100% set on the XDM i thought nothing would change my mind so i went to purchase it today and my buddy at our local store was working and had me look at another gun he just picked up and i just so happend to be an M&P. i agreed to give it a quick look over because i felti had already found my new gun. man was i wrong i picked it up and instantly fell in love with it. i am going to return in a couple of days to shoot it and possibly pick it up if it shoot as nice as it feels.

    But in the mean time i was wanting to hear which you all felt was the better gun or if it just comes down to the over all feel in my hand while shooting it. i dont really like how if there isnt a mag in that it wont shoot so i was wondering if there was a model that didnt have that feature.


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    There are models without the magazine disconnect, as for which model is better, it's a matter of opinion.

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    Both are excellent guns I owned an XD40 and XD9 for about a Year. I switched to M&P's because of fit in hand and have used an M&P9, 40 and 45 for the past 4 years.

    I have used a friends XDM9 enough to know I will stick with M&P's.

    As VAMarine said they are available with or without mag safety. I removed that feature from a couple of mine. It is not difficult. The thumb safety was very cumbersome to me also optional and not necessary.

    Feel in hand is important.

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    Just a matter of personal opinion. The XD felt better in my hand,may not in yours.


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