Questiun about niteseiters

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      Question Questiun about niteseiters

      do they require the uv flashlight or will any Led light do? Any help would be great. thanks flashlakso

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      any light source
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      Sunlight to me seems to work best and quickest. Of course, that doesn't help you at night. I have been disappointed by how long they hold a "charge". The website says 10 minutes will charge them enough for several hours. So I laid my slide in sunlight for 1 hour last week from 12:30-1:30. By 5:00 pm, they were dead. Not what i was hoping for.

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      I tried them and thought they were OK. My main gripe is that they are a bit stingy with how many they give you. Considering that they are basically just a decal, and tend to slide out of position, or come off after a few cleanings, I think they should give you more extras.

      Of course, I guess you could argue that they wouldn't sell as many to the same customer, but the customers might be more willing to recommend them to others, and I probably won't buy any more, anyway, since I use up ~$10 worth every couple of times I clean the gun.

      If I could replace them every time, for a year or so, I would probably make it a point to always have some.

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