24/7 pro question
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    24/7 pro question

    i just bought a taurus 24/7 pro today. i brought it home stripped and cleaned the pistol. after reassembling the pistol i put a round into the chamber and closed the slide. i noticed that the loaded chamber indicator did not appear. when i pulled the slide back the round was not extracted. when i cycle the pistol with a loaded magazine it cycles the rounds with no problems. is this a common problem with the 24/7 pistols? any advice would be appreciated.

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    You should probably not load it in that manner, as there is a chance you can break the extractor. It has to jump onto the rim of the case, which requires a good deal of force, in a direction that it is not really designed for. The loaded chamber indicator does not register, because the round is not properly chambered - the extractor claw has not jumped over behind the rim - probably a good thing, especially on a Taurus, which is known to have a lot of MIM parts.

    Always load a semi-auto pistol from the magazine, so the round can slip up under the extractor claw from the bottom, as it is designed to do.

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    A+ Bisley, good answer.

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