Question to all who "carry" regularly

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      Question to all who "carry" regularly

      How many of you have ever actually had to draw or use your weapon?
      What was the outcome?
      Any regrets?

      In alot of posts thative read, alot of you talk about " IF that day ever came.." or "IF you ever had to use your gun"

      i wondered if THAT day has actually come and past for anyone.

      thanks in advance for sharing.

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      ...yes and yes and I'm still here and a civilian and as an LEO...but that's not gonna get you a lot of responses here..".if "and "if" is a lot safer to talk about...kinda like " I knew this guy..." it's kinda personal...

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      With all the second guessing people love to do here on news is really better for people not to share their personal stories.
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