I bought a new holster I like

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      I bought a new holster I like

      If you plan to carry on your belt, I've found a very nice holster.

      It's called the Blackhawk Serpa Concealment series.


      They come with several configeration adjustments:

      1. Belt loop mount
      2. Paddle mount
      3. 3 different slant adjustments - FBI / straight up & down / cross draw.

      Very light to carry and they have a trigger lock system so that the gun will not come out accidently.

      I bought one to carry my S&W Sigma in it.

      It is injection molded carbon fiber and not kydex.

      I called Blackhawk's 1/800 number and they told me the item number and said it was listed under "S&W m&p 9/40"

      • SERPA Lvl 2 CF Holster - BK - S&W M&P 9 / 40
      • 410525BK-R $39.00 from Tactical solutions. This is the right handed model number - L (instead of R) for left handed model.

      Here's the cheapest website I found that carried left handed (for me) .. you might find it for less elsewhere.


      After carry it for about a onth i bought one for My Kimber & My Springfield XDMm too.

      I hope this helps - it's a great carry rig.

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      I have those holsters for my P99 and S&W M&P they are not bad but unless you are looking for open carry I think the profile stick out too much. I can't wear it under a jacket without a noticeable bump ( I understand that both my guns are not good CCW guns)

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      I've looked at these holsters and think they are pretty nice but was put off after talking with an local IDPA guy who said that the only ADs the local groups has had involved the Serpa holsters. Kinda of made an impact on me.

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