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Thread: G 30 problem

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    G 30 problem

    I am having trouble with slide release with a new G 30 . I can not push down the lever release at all to move the slide. Any one having the same touble ?

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    Is the empty magazine still in the gun? If so, the upward pressure it exerts on the slide catch can make it nearly impossible to thumb-release the slide. It is really only designed to be used with a loaded mag (or no mag at all) in the gun.
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    I was trying to close when there was a empty mag inside. But what you said makes sense.
    I will try with a loaded mag when I go to the range.
    I think the gun is fine.
    Thanks a million,

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    I don't know that this would help at all, but a good friend of mine bought a G30 a couple months ago and added an extended slide release. Helped him out...might be something to consider?

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    If the gun is fired until the magazine is empty one of three things should happen. 1. Remove empty mag, replace with one that is loaded, release slide lock and resume firing. 2. Remove empty mag, inspect chamber and mag well to verify weapon is clear, release slide lock and place weapon on safe if it has a manual safety. 3. Remove empty mag, clear weapon and leave slide locked to the rear. There is never a time where releasing the slide on an empty mag is appropriate. Then there's the fact that magazines are designed to keep the slide locked to the rear when they are ran dry. Do you have any professional firearms training? If you don't I highly recommend that you take a class. Following proper weapons handling procedures and understanding exactly how they function and why is very important. Your post suggests you could benefit from some training. The more knowledge you have regarding all things shooting related the safer and more fun it is. Good luck.

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    The release is really stiff and difficult on the g30. I usually pull back on the slide slightly and depress the slide release at the same time. Makes the whole process easier.

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    My G23 was that way new but it has loosened up since using it.

    Pulling back on the slide should release the catch and you should not have to hold the release down to chamber a round - just let go of the slide and let it fly forward.

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