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    dilemma... s&w or ruger...?

    i have a s&w 908 9mm, it was my first gun and i've had it for a little while now and i want something bigger. i was thinking about trading it in. the local gun store has a ruger .45 semi auto there, but i dont know much about rugers or if they are any good. im not sure the model its all black with a composite frame. its selling for 530 dollars brand new, anyone have experience with a ruger .45?

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    You'd probably be better off selling your gun outright and then buying the Ruger. Gunshops are in the business to make money and will not give you much for your gun. I'm not a Ruger owner but the consensus is that they are not the most attractive guns, but very durable and reliable. It won't be a Smith but it will serve your purpose. But for that asking price you can probably find a Smith for about the same amount. Look into prices for the M&P's in 45 cal.
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    Rugers are sturdy, reliable firearms. If you like the feel of the gun, and you want it, then get it. The Ruger semi-auto pistols are underrated, and unfairly denigrated by many biased amateurs. I would think twice about trading off your 9mm. It is an effective round, and self defense ammunition is usually readily available. It would be worth saving some money up for the new pistol and retaining your current one.

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    For $500 to $600 there are a lot of brands to choose from.

    I'd suggest you visit a gun range that rents guns to shoot.

    Try several brands and calibers - you'll find that you will like and shoot one brand and caliber better than any of the others.

    Guess what ... that's the one you should buy!!

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    Not a huge fan of Ruger SemiAutos. The guns are fine but the fiberglass material that they make their frames from is to darn slick.
    Go XD, Glock, or about any other polly frame in 45 for higher capacity.
    If you just want a good 45 and weight is not an issue. Buy the original.
    1911. Springfield sells some well priced 45s for beginners, or you might be able to find a good deal on a used 1911 with extras on it.
    Nothing like shooting a 1911

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    Talking 45 Ruger

    I shot my P 97 DC several thousand rounds with no FTF or FTE. I traded it to a guy at the range for a Kimber stainless steel. ( we traded back after we fired 1 magazine) He said he was going to buy a P 97 the next day. He had a better group with the P 97 than the Kimber..My current bed gun is a parkerized COLT 1991A1. (A birthday present from my son) P 97s are ugly clunky guns but they shoot very good & dependable. JBR

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